Are you afraid of Performance Appraisals?

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halloween2015-headerIf you find your appraisal process a little scary or lifeless, here are some tips for reviving it!

  1. The more heads the better: A simple way to inject some life into appraisals is to involve multiple perspectives and voices. 360° reviews and surveys are a great way to do that and give employees & managers a well-rounded view of performance.
  2. Chain goals to company success: Employees are more likely to be motivated about their goals if there is a direct link between their output and company success. Empower your workforce with effective goal management and ‘reap’ the rewards.
  3. Keep it simple: Limit appraisals to a handful of relevant criteria. There is nothing that turns employees into zombies faster than seeing a giant list of generic competencies that they have to rate. Instead, create appraisal forms that evaluate employees on competencies related to their job and the skills needed for their role.
  4. Keep it going! Unlike Halloween, performance management shouldn’t be a once-a-year event. Don’t lose the momentum of the performance appraisal season. Engage employees & managers with timely and ongoing feedback and encourage them to update the status of goals and development items frequently.

To learn more how emPerform can help eliminate the fear of appraisals and awaken performance management, contact us today!

Happy Halloween!