Top 5 Performance Management Headaches

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Our sister company across the Atlantic recently conducted a survey asking HR to describe their biggest performance management headaches. Although these represent the concerns faced by HR departments in Canada and America, we’re sure they mirror the issues HR departments across the world also face. Their findings revealed some interesting trends when it comes to these challenges.

Top 5 Performance Management Headaches – submitted by you!

  1. Timely submissions of appraisals.
  2. Quality of reviews & feedback.
  3. Consistency in performance ratings.
  4. Alignment of organizational & team goals with employee performance.

The last couple of years; however, we have noticed an even bigger challenge emerging, highlighted in the nearly 40% of submissions – the pain of taking performance reviews from a once-a-year event, to an ongoing, meaningful process.

5. Engaging managers & employees in ongoing performance management

Luckily, there are ways to address each of these headaches and we will tackle each of these pains in the coming weeks with dedicated posts: stay tuned for those!

Some appraisal headache submissions we received:

“Ensuring that everyone participates and completes the process in a timely manner.”

“Timely submissions as well as inflated ratings are my biggest appraisal headaches!”

“Having employees and supervisors meeting the deadlines!”

“Getting managers and supervisors to rate employees fairly across the board.”

“Trying to ensure employees are all spending their time working towards common objectives.”

“Convincing managers that this could be so much easier, and actually beneficial for everyone, if they would just talk to their people throughout the year, deal with problems then, rather than storing everything up for the year-end review!”

“Getting supervisors to give feedback – good and bad!”

“Managers forgetting what took place during the year so they rate all employees the same.”

“Inconsistency of reviews across the organization and how that affects employees.”

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