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Get more than you'd expect from performance management software

Automate & streamline performance reviews and other vital talent management efforts with emPerform

emPerform is the ONLY non-modularized solution available that offers powerful appraisals, self-assessments, and 360° reviews enhanced by a suite of best-practice performance management features to help you simplify reviews and create a winning performance management strategy.

About emPerform
We chose emPerform because it provided all of the modules for one price. The other vendors had a core system and then each individual module or the features that we needed were at an additional cost. We needed something simple from a purchasing and user standpoint and emPerform delivered just that.
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Eliminate the hassle of manual, paper evaluations! Get started with easy-to-use online performance reviews now

Since 2004, emPerform has been helping companies transition from manual, paper reviews to completely automated and strategic performance management.

Administer and complete performance reviews in a fraction of the time
Evaluate employees on job-specific goals & competencies
Email notifications guide the review to an unlimited number of reviewers
Integrated 360° feedback gives managers a complete view of performance
All text, layouts and rating scales are 100% configurable to your company's needs

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Go beyond once-a-year reviews to easy and effective year-round performance management!

It's more than just about automating performance reviews, emPerform makes it easy to capture ongoing feedback & journal notes, update goals year-round and engage employees and managers in effective ongoing performance management.

Make journal notes & send feedback year-round
Engage managers & employees in ongoing coaching
Recognize employee milestones throughout the review cycle
Access feedback within performance reviews to support ratings

Mobile Phone
Provide feedback anywhere

100% Configurability – Get what you want & need

With complete configurability, emPerform is setup for your organisation taking into account your unique needs and processes. Best of all, we train you to own your own system - ensuring you are able to edit emPerform at any time as your needs evolve.

Complete our requirements survey and our experts will show you how emPerform will fit into your organisation and answer any questions you have!


Easily track performance management efforts & use reporting to optimise your strategy

Slice and dice your company's performance metrics to reveal insights and opportunities for improvement. With emPerform, it's easy to monitor performance metrics across the entire organisation.

Real-time status & performance tracking
Over 100 out-of-the-box administrator reports
Ad-hoc reporting capabilities
End-user dashboards

Out-of-the-box Reports

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