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Harness the power of multiple perspectives to identify strengths and weakness and develop performance

360° reviews & peer feedback made easy with emPerform

emPerform is the only all-inclusive software suite that includes multiple ways to collect and use 360-degree feedback as part of a complete performance management strategy.


emPerform tag

for ongoing social 360° feedback & journaling.

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Online Surveys

Online Surveys

for soliciting 360° feedback from company peers or outside parties & stakeholders. emPerform includes out-of-the-box 360° survey questions and you can edit as needed so the survey meets your exact needs.

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Integrated 360 Reviews

integrated 360° reviews

which provide the capability to "open up" an employee appraisal for formal 360-degree feedback.

Increase the Accuracy & Fairness of Performance Reviews with 360° Feedback

Multi-faceted perspectives to identify strengths and weakness and develop performance.

Managers are given another layer of information to use while completing employee appraisals or for developing their own performance.

Employees are confident that the feedback received is fair and represents information from their team as opposed to just one person.

HR saves loads of time collecting 360° feedback and gains clarity in organisational performance trends.

360-degree feedback is especially important in organisations or teams where some or all employees work across departments.





Technical Roles

Technical Roles

Project-Based organisations

Project-Based organisations

Gather 360° Feedback from Every Angle

360 Cycle

Integrated 360° Reviews in emPerform

Awarded best-advance in talent management technology for small and medium-sized businesses

If you would like to go beyond 360-degree surveys and incorporate 360° feedback directly into performance appraisals, emPerform allows you to open up any performance review to peer feedback and view results with the click of a button.

How it Works:

Easy 360-degree Nomination Capabilities
Give managers and/or employees complete control over which raters are asked to provide 360° feedback.

360 Pop-up
Email Notifications

Email Notifications & Status Tracking Ensures 360° Feedback is Submitted On-Time!

Easy Access

Easy Access to 360° Results
Managers can access 360-degree peer review feedback before they start their review or from right inside the review. Employees can also be provided with this report at the desired point in the process.

Collect 360-degree Data

Collect 360-degree Data like Never Before
emPerform's powerful reporting allows HR and Managers to view 360-degree data from every angle – giving your organisation a rich view of performance and talent trends and ensuring employees are evaluated accurately.

Every Step is Configurable

Every Step is Configurable!
HR Administrators have full control at every stage of the 360-degree process – from designing 360° surveys, enabling 360° feedback inside appraisals, to determining how many raters and what is being rated, emPerform's flexibility ensures you are given a 360-degree assessment process that suits your exact needs.


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What else is included in emPerform?

With emPerform, you are given a full-suite of features to automate performance reviews and other vital talent management processes. Everything is included in one configurable & easy to use package for the best value – guaranteed.

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