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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common questions about emPerform's all-inclusive talent management solution.

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emPerform is an easy-to-use, web-based employee performance management software suite that automates and streamlines vital talent management processes; including goal management, appraisals, succession, pay-for-performance, journaling & feedback, 360° reviews, surveys and reporting. emPerform gives managers and HR the tools needed to Align, Develop, Reward, and Retain a competitive workforce and to transform reviews from an administrative task into a strategic and ongoing business process.
emPerform was established in 2004 by Corporate Renaissance Group, a Microsoft® partner and management consulting firm that has been around since 1989 and specializes in business solutions.
emPerform is the only solution available that is not modularized, which means customers can choose to activate any or all of the following features at no extra cost:

Other features:

emPerform can be used to help:

  • Automate & simplify employee appraisals
  • Reduce the amount of paper generated for evaluations
  • Link employee goals to organisational objectives
  • Evaluate employees on competencies and goals specific to their role
  • Collect and use 360° feedback to increase accuracy of performance ratings
  • Achieve consistent ratings and appraisals across the organisation
  • Identify & develop key talent
  • Improve career planning
  • Report on status and key performance metrics
  • Document performance milestones to support ratings, competencies, and pay adjustments
  • Engage users in ongoing feedback & coaching
  • Support managers with comment and rating assistant tools
  • Complete appraisals on-time
  • Tie performance to salary decisions
Because emPerform is highly configurable, it is built to suit every industry regardless of company structure. emPerform is ideal for small to medium sized organisations (150-3,000 employees) looking for a flexible and powerful performance management solution. emPerform's web-based platform and multi-lingual capabilities makes it an attractive solution for companies that are experiencing rapid growth or have a workforce of geographically dispersed workers. emPerform serves every industry including Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Government, and because of its great value, is a great choice for non-profit organisations and educational institutions.
No Up-Sells:
Unlike many other vendors, emPerform is not modularized. All of the tools are included with the initial purchase and ready to be implemented by the customer if and when they choose - the customer is never up-sold on additional modules which saves a lot of money.

Get Exactly what You Want:
emPerform is highly configurable. Customers choose the layouts, rating scales, vocabulary, workflows, language, and processes that suits their needs.

World-Class Support & Service:
emPerform implementation and support is not contracted out to third party vendors. This has resulted in personalized and consistent customer service that has helped to distinguish us in the market space and has resulted in an incredible amount of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reporting Functionality that Cannot be Touched:
emPerform boasts one of the most powerful reporting & analytics tools available on the talent management solutions market. emPerform comes bundled with a library of almost 100 canned reports BUT also offers ad-hoc reporting. This allows customers to see any and all data needed for effective decision making.

Choice of Deployment:
emPerform offers customers the choice of deploying emPerform on-site on their own servers or allowing emPerform to host the solution for them (SaaS). emPerform also allows customers to switch between the two options at any point in time as their organisation shifts and expands.

emPerform is hands down the best value for your talent management dollar – and we back that by our Best-Value Guarantee. We believe that success comes from delivering value to clients. Our expertise in software development has allowed us to streamline the process and pass the savings down to customers.

Yes. emPerform can accommodate focal as well as anniversary-based appraisal processes. emPerform can also incorporate quarterly reviews, mid-year reviews, 30-60-90 day reviews and informal check-in meetings as frequently as needed.
emPerform incorporates Dynamic Page technology that allows companies to maintain the style, format, content, rating scales and weights used in the current paper based forms. We build appraisal forms with customers so they look and work exactly how clients envision and we train customers to edit/add any new forms.
No. We understand that some customers do not want ratings and thus emPerform can be configured to include numeric or text based ratings as well as the option to leave ratings out altogether.
Yes. emPerform can accommodate an unlimited number of review models, appraisal forms and workflows, and employees can participate in multiple reviews. This is perfect if you have different employee types in need of unique appraisals or processes.
There is no limit to the size of the model. Review models can incorporate an unlimited number of manager levels, measures, and evaluation criteria.
Yes. emPerform supports multiple manager-level raters. emPerform’s workflow engine pushes the review along to each reviewer who is able to view and/or edit defined areas. emPerform also includes integrated 360° Reviews for collecting feedback from peer reviewers.
Yes. System Administrators are able to configure emPerform to allow employees and/or managers to nominate as many raters as set by the Administrator. HR can also assign raters.
No. With emPerform, companies can evaluate employees on more than just goals and competencies. Some possible evaluation criteria can include learning and development, professional compliance, and training.
Yes, emPerform includes a library of 50 widely used competencies with anchored descriptions and writing assistant text. Customers can edit as needed or import their own. Competencies and other evaluation criteria can be assigned by role, employee type, division, location etc. to ensure appraisal content is as relevant as possible to your workforce.
There is no obligation to use the provided content. Companies have the option of using some or all of the content, editing the content, and augmenting their existing content.
Yes. emPerform integrates with customer email systems and sends out custom email alerts and calendar reminders to help ensure staff are kept on-track when completing appraisals and monitoring goals.
Yes! There are several ways to do this: emPerform allows users to attach notes and files year-round. Also, emPerform displays historical reviews and reports. Finally, emPerform’s tag feature allows social performance feedback and journaling to be documented year round and accessed from right within employee appraisal forms and used to support ratings or competencies. tag is also available as a mobile application making it even easier for employees and managers to engage in year-round coaching and journaling.
emPerform contains many built-in tools to encourage on-time completion of appraisals. Typically, our clients go from a 46% on-time completion rate to 100% with emPerform.

  • Progress tracking and automated email reminders
  • Status reports for Administrators and status dashboards for end-users
  • Automatic generation of emails, tasks and calendar invites for managers and employees
  • Automatic routing of appraisal forms to different reviewers
  • Completion status notifications
  • Progress timeline in appraisals
Included in emPerform is 'tag' for feedback & journaling. tag settings are defined by the organisation and can allow users to do some or all of the following:

  • Create and archive individual performance logs and journals
  • Create and archive performance logs related to another employee
  • Send real-time organisation-wide feedback
  • Access feedback and logs from within performance appraisals and insert records to support ratings
Yes. emPerform contains one of the most flexible and powerful reporting tools available on the talent management market. emPerform comes standard with almost 100 out-of-the-box reports but also allows for ad-hoc reporting so that you are able to see the data that matters for your organisation. Most reports contain drill-down and charts and all reports can be exported to any format for further analysis.
System administrators can access and share reports at any time or select reports can be scheduled for delivery at set intervals to key individuals or groups.
Yes. emPerform includes dashboards for employees, managers and even roles with 'line of sight' access so they can view the real-time status of appraisals, goals, and performance. System administrators are able to set the visibility of all dashboards in emPerform.
Yes. emPerform’s compensation manager automates merit increase and compensation adjustment processes. Merit increase "suggestions" can be calculated by the system based on straight performance scores or based on performance scores and the employee’s relative compa-ratio. Also, budgets can be assigned and tracked to ensure that managers stay on-track.
Yes. emPerform's compensation management module can accommodate as many currencies as needed.
Yes. emPerform can accommodate as many compensation models and workflows as needed. Compensation workflows can also be separate from appraisal workflows to accommodate unique approval levels.
Individual compensation plans can be exported or a consolidated view can be downloaded and imported into your HRIS or payroll solution.
Yes. emPerform can be deployed in up to 10 languages.
Yes. Customers can upload their own logo and can select the main colors of the application to adhere to branding guidelines.
Yes. Users in emPerform are able to add/edit their profile picture, adjust notifications, select their language (if applied) and edit any profile fields that have been set by the System Administrator.
emPerform offers a handy 'forgot password' feature which would help them out in no time!
Yes. emPerform was built on responsive technology and thus is optimized for use on tablet or mobile browsers.
No. emPerform is extremely easy-to-use and navigate for administrators and end-users. Training for administrator is required; however, a technical background is absolutely not necessary. emPerform's appraisal templates make it quick and easy to get started and our online help guides are there as a resource along the way.
Yes. emPerform can provide Active Directory authentication for single-sign on so that employees do not need a separate login and password to access emPerform from their computer. If hosted, ADFS 2.0 is required for single sign-on.
There are three ways to load data into emPerform:

  1. Database Integration – emPerform can integrate with the business system that contains the employee data. This might include HRIS, ERP or payroll solutions.
  2. Electronic File Import – employee data from Excel spreadsheets can be imported into emPerform.
  3. Direct – employee data can be manually entered via the emPerform data entry screens.
Yes, emPerform integrates with HRIS, ERP, and Payroll systems, simplifying the management of employees and their evaluations and compensation decisions.
All appraisals and reports in emPerform can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF, .tif. or .csv format.
Yes, emPerform is available as a hosted solution where we handle all maintenance and upgrades. emPerform is also available as an on-premise if that is required or preferred by customers.
emPerform hosting is very secure and guarantees 99.9%+ uptime, SSAE 16 compliant, daily server backups, 24/7 access & speed, encrypted communication using HTTPS protocol.
emPerform allows role based access to both the administrator and user modules. The emPerform System Administrator has the capability to configure and define both modules.

For end users, full security configuration (hide, read, write) is available based on a user’s role (i.e. employee, manager, reviewer, etc.) and dependent on where the appraisal form sits in the workflow process. For example, a manager may not see (hide) an employee’s self-appraisal comments until the employee is finished and has submitted the form to the next step (read).
If hosted, end-users can access emPerform from any of the following internet browser:

  • Internet Explorer v10+, Chrome v33.0+, Mozilla v 28.0+, Safari v5.1.7+
Yes. emPerform users can set different access levels for administrators and even set different access rights for employees and managers based on title, role, or stage in the appraisal process!
Our goal is to get you up and running with successful performance management software as quickly and as smoothly as possible. The moment you become an emPerform customer, you are assigned a dedicated Implementation Specialist who will work with you and your team to develop a project plan and implementation schedule tailored to your exact need and deadlines.

Developed using over 10 years of successful implementations, our proven and structured approach ensures emPerform is set up alongside you according to your organisation's requirements and that it is rolled out successfully to your entire organisation. All Administrators are fully trained in as little as 3 days.
emPerform offers custom end-user training material which can include guides, videos or live training sessions to help train your users on your organisation's unique forms and processes.
Our train-the-trainer approach ensures that you are fully able to manage your system without relying on vendor support. Our dedicated support representatives are available at any time to help, but we find that most administrators are very comfortable with their own systems.
Depending on the exact needs of the customer, a typical implementation of emPerform requires 3-7 days from the customer. This includes planning, gathering data and content and set-up/training of the system. If training on additional modules is needed or if the customer has multiple review forms, additional time might be required. This is something your Implementation Consultant would be able to determine during the kick-off meeting. All customers are provided with a detailed project plan.

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