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emPerform makes it easy for organisations to set and track SMART goals year-round

Empower Employees
Promote accountability and empower employees by linking objectives to organisation success.

Align Team Performance
Cascade company objectives to individuals or teams and link personal goals to organisational success.

Year-Round Coaching

Strategically Deploy Resources
Enhance productivity by deploying resources to key tasks.

Year-Round Coaching

Acknowledge Accomplishments
Easily monitor the status of objectives, recognize milestones and create a direct link between performance and rewards.

Year-Round Coaching

Ensure Clear Performance Expectations
Set objectives that keep employees focused and fully aware of what is expected of them

Recognize Development Opportunities in Real-Time
Monitor the progress of goals in real-time to identify development opportunities as they are needed.

Create a goal management process that works for your organisation’s unique needs:

  • Design goal-setting forms with any fields needed to set clear expectations
  • Link goals to organisational objectives
  • Create a convenient goal library
  • Cascade goals to teams and direct reports
  • Weight individual goals
  • Pre-populate goal lists by department or employee role
  • Allow employees and/or manager to add and edit goals at any stage
  • Update and comment on goals year-round
  • Schedule formal or information goal check-ins
Goal Management

Set & Track Effective Goals that Drive Business Results

Goal setting is one of the most critical steps in effective performance management. Too often, managers and employees set goals that are not SMART or in line with corporate strategies, resulting in lost productivity and disengaged workers. Goal management is more than just a once-a-year exercise – it is an opportunity to align the focus of the entire company, clarify performance expectations, and guide employees to success.

emPerform makes it easy for managers and employees to set SMART goals at the beginning of the review cycle and update year-round.

emPerform's flexible performance reviews helps link employee goals to the departmental goals, and to organisational goals - ensuring every employee is devoting his or her time and attention to critical and important activities.

Goal Setting


emPerform makes it easy for managers and employees to set SMART goals at the beginning of the review cycle.



Easily cascade company objectives to individuals or teams and link personal goals to organisational success.



Log in year-round to update and comment on goals and track progress throughout the entire review cycle.



Measure goals using any rating scale that you choose. Comments & 360° feedback help ensure ratings are clear and accurate.


Track the Status of Objectives in Real-Time

Using emPerform dashboards, employees and managers can track the status of their objectives year-round.

Goal Management Tablet

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More than just Goals!

emPerform makes it easy to evaluate employees on any criteria needed:

Competency-Based Assessments Made Easy:
emPerform makes it easy to evaluate employees on the competencies specific to each role or employee type. emPerform comes with a library of 50 widely applicable competencies and comment assistant text. Use or edit existing competencies or import your own!

Download a sample list of emPerform competencies

Creating and Tracking Development Initiatives:
With emPerform, training and development initiatives can easily be tracked in a 'Training and Development' section within the performance appraisal. Training initiatives can be planned before the evaluation cycle begins and like goals, they can be monitored and tracked by managers until completed.

Best of all, once completed, emPerform will contain an official record of training initiatives that have been completed.

Incorporate Company Values into Appraisals:
More companies are choosing to incorporate company values as a core evaluation area in their performance appraisals. This allows organisations to go beyond evaluating goals, to ensuring its workforce is demonstrating the values essential to the company's culture. emPerform makes this easy by allowing organisation's to cascade company values and incorporate 360° feedback directly into appraisal forms.

Read more about incorporating company values into performance reviews.

What else is included in emPerform?

With emPerform, you are given a full-suite of features to automate performance reviews and other vital talent management processes. Everything is included in one configurable & easy to use package for the best value – guaranteed.

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