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CRG emPerform continues to gain traction in the UK talent management solutions market with the addition of Toyota Financial Services UK to their list of global customers.

OTTAWA, ON – October 1, 2012: CRG emPerform, a leading provider of online talent management software, is pleased to announce that they are the employee performance management solution vendor of choice for Toyota Financial Services (UK). Toyota Financial Services will use emPerform to align their workforce to corporate objectives, track the progress of individual performance and measure organisation results.

Based in Surrey, UK, Toyota Financial Services provides point of sale credit and leasing facilities to Toyota and Lexus customers. Using emPerform, Toyota Financial Services plans to develop a process which will help to successfully identify and understand the skills of every employee in the organisation, evaluate their employees' development, and engage employees in the performance management process.

Prior to selecting emPerform, Toyota Financial Services relied on an internally built system for managing employee performance. "We had many limitations using our previous system," said Ashley Hinge, Training and Development Manager for Toyota Financial Services. "Our previous system was not flexible in what we wanted to achieve, we wanted an online, easy to use system which includes all features of the performance management process but in particular to include an excellent succession planning component."

Toyota evaluated two other vendors and selected emPerform for:

  • The ease of use of the software from a manager and employee point of view.
  • The ability to integrate succession planning within their appraisal process.
  • The ability to use the software's social feedback tool and 360 reviews to increase employee engagement.

"By implementing emPerform our employees will be much more involved in their appraisal and our management team can focus on monitoring and improving our employees' development towards achieving their goals" continued Hinge.

The CRG emPerform UK office has been actively serving the growing need for sophisticated talent management software and service in the UK market since 2009 and has experienced significant growth over the past 12 months. emPerform's UK location ensures that the growing number of UK emPerform customers and users are given consistent world-class service. emPerform's expansion into this space solidifies its commitment to serving a global market of truly global companies. Other recent emPerform UK customer announcements include Youth Sport Trust and Axios International.

OTTAWA, ON: September 25, 2012: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, today announced that CRG emPerform™, its online employee performance and talent management software solution, is fully compatible with Microsoft's newly released SQL Server 2012.

SQL Server is a comprehensive database platform offering a complete set of enterprise-ready technologies and tools that help organisations derive business value from data and information. CRG emPerform's integration with SQL Server gives customers the highest levels of data management, reporting, and analysis tools and services coupled with industry-leading talent management technology.

"We are proud to remain compatible with SQL Server and are happy we can offer our clients that level of performance and scale," said Anant Rege, CTO for CRG.

As a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner, CRG is devoted to offering world-class Microsoftcompatibility to its global client base. emPerformhas always been compatible with SQL Server and clients currently using SQL Server 2008 will still be supported.

CRG emPerform has partnered with and Marc Effron to deliver a knowledge-packed webinar explaining the top 10 mistakes in talent management and how companies can avoid making them.

OTTAWA, ON: September 10, 2012: CRG emPerform, a leading provider of online talent management software, is partnering with and leading author, Marc Effron, to deliver a knowledge-packed webinar on September 19th, 2012: The Top 10 Mistakes in Talent Management. Registration for this webinar is free and available on the or emPerform website.

In this webinar, host, Marc Effron, author of One Page Talent Management and a leading voice in human resources effectiveness, will bring his years of experience to the table and provide insight into the top 10 talent management mistakes that prevent organisations from realizing their talent management objectives. More importantly, he'll offer practical solutions to address each one.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • The top 10 reasons why talent management practices fail in many organisations.
  • Things organisations can do to immediately increase the effectiveness of their talent practices.
  • What it takes to be an effective talent management practitioner.

"When talent management practices work, they help to create high performing, resilient organisations that handily beat their competition," states Effron. "The fact that so many organisations are struggling to implement a successful strategy suggests that although a few organisations have indeed cracked the code, most others have not. There are common errors that even the most established company or seasoned professional might unknowingly be making and this event will help to decipher those errors."

Watch the webinar here

J.F. Brennan Company Inc. will rely on emPerform's all-inclusive performance and talent management solution to help monitor the performance and development of their expanding workforce.

OTTAWA, ON: August 28, 2012: J.F. Brennan Company Inc., an industry-leading marine construction, environmental remediation, and harbor services company, has selected CRG emPerform to help monitor the performance and development of their expanding workforce. J.F. Brennan will rely on emPerform's all-inclusive performance and talent management suite to give managers and employees a real-time view of performance and the status of key development goals in order to effectively expand their talent base.

For almost 100 years, J.F. Brennanhas operated in a niche market and, like many other unique and well-established companies, they rely heavily on the internal development and succession of highly specialized and tenured staff. "Our organisation is expanding rapidly while at the same time experiencing high levels of turnover due to the retirement of key individuals," said Bob Brague, director of human resources at J.F. Brennan."We needed a better solution for conveying performance feedback during this period of succession and growth."

Prior to selecting emPerform, J.F. Brennan used an out-of-the-box online appraisal tool that did not allow for in-depth performance analysis or the level of customization and flexibility that the company needed. J.F. Brennan will use emPerform's robust reporting package to:

  • help identify and focus on key performance trends that emerge
  • leverage emPerform's real-time feedback and goal status monitoring capabilities to allow managers and employees to communicate and track performance on a day-to-day basis

J.F. Brennan's decision to choose emPerform as their vendor of choicewas based on the product's usability, strong reporting offering,and reasonable cost structure, with the ultimate factor being the configurability of the software to the company's needs. "emPerform will help us leverage the need for continuous feedback and communication to employees as we attempt to grow people effectively," continued Brague.

Although J.F. Brennan has a long history of success, they are constantly seeking ways to improve processes and reinforce their commitment to their workforce. Brague offers some key advice for other well-established organisations that might be hesitant to change their traditional approaches to talent management. "I would advise that companies always be open to facilitating communication between employees, managers and the organisation as a whole. A focus on finding a product that assists in this vital communication delivery should be a strategic priority for all organisations regardless of legacy systems they might be tied to."

emPerform has helped many companies modernize and reinvent their talent management processes in order to remain competitive in their market space. emPerform offers a full suite of online tools for automating performance appraisals, performance feedback, succession planning, and talent metrics.

About J.F. Brennan Company Inc.

J.F. Brennan Company Inc. is a marine construction and environmental remediation company that provides high-quality services to engineering, utility, railroad, paper mill, government, municipality, and harbor entities located throughout the inland waterways of the United States. Their services include dredging, diving, dam repairs, pile driving, railroad bridge repairs, in-situ capping, and more. They employ some of the nation's most talented marine professionals, and pride themselves on their commitment to safety, quality, and the environment. Founded on the principles of hard work and innovation, Brennan has provided nearly 100 years of construction excellence.

Ottawa, ON – July 17, 2012: CRG emPerform, a leading provider of online employee performance management software, has teamed up with several noted industry experts to create a series of free Talent Management Webcasts. emPerform's Take 10Series offers best-practice talent management tips and tricks for HR Professionals in easy-to-swallow 10 minute doses.

The field of HR is evolving at a record pace and HR Professionals are finding themselves taking the reins in uncharted territory. With limited time and budget available for hands-on training, industry webinars are rapidly becoming a key source of timely and vital industry information. Although attending a traditional sixty minute webinar can be immensely informative, today's HR Professional may find it difficult to stop whatever they are doing and attend the live hour-long session. For those who do attend, remembering and applying the contents of the presentation can also be challenging unless the recording and slides are made available after the event.

emPerform's solution to this was to offer ten minute videos dealing with practical and specific information related to HR and Talent Management. These mini-webinars can be accessed and viewed anytime – making them perfect for busy HR pros who might not be able to set aside an hour straight but would find it feasible to take a 10 minute break.

"We are thrilled to work with some amazing presenters to offer this series" said John Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions at CRG emPerform. "One of the greatest things about being in the HR space is forming relationships with forward-thinking and insightful customers and experts. These relationships and collaborations ensure that we stay on-top of the latest industry trends and reinforce the fact that we offer more than just talent management software – we offer guidance and a commitment to customer success."

The emPerform Take 10 series features the following topics, with new videos being continuously added.

How to Turn Supervisors into Performance Managers
Presented by Marnie Green, Principal Consultant for the Management Education Group Inc.

5 Steps to Developing Direct Reports
Presented by Dawn Kohler, CEO of The Inside Coach.

The Future of HR: A CEO's Perspective
Presented by Dr. Vijay Jog, President and CEO of Corporate Renaissance Group.

Competency Development Best Practices
Presented by Cindy Pascale, Founder and VP of Business Development for Vado Inc.

HR is the New Marketing: 5 Things HR Can Steal from a Marketer's Handbook
Presented by Lynn Lang, President of Rewarding Communities.

emPerform is no stranger to online events. They continue to host successful live webinars through organisations such as, IHRIM, and, including an upcoming webinar in September with Mark Effron, Author of 'One Page Talent Management'.

The Take 10 videos are available for free download on theemPerform Click here to access:

emPerform tag is shaking up traditional performance reviews by enabling real-time, year-round performance feedback to be captured and accessed when assessing talent.

OTTAWA, ON - June 18th 2012: Innovations in talent management technology have taken a step forward today with the unveiling of CRG emPerform's newest feature, emPerform tag™, for real-time performance feedback. Located directly within emPerform's all-inclusive online talent management suite, tag enables ongoing performance feedback to be captured and accessed throughout the appraisals cycle.

A big part of managing talent is giving timely and relevant feedback. emPerform tag offers an accessible way to document performance feedback from multiple sources throughout the entire appraisal cycle and to engage employees and managers in the process. tags can be archived and are accessible directly within emPerform review forms - giving managers the rich performance feedback needed to deliver accurate performance assessments and giving employees the valuable feedback needed for improvement and to be recognized.

"Along with the growth in social networking, our clients wanted an easy way to engage employees and managers to provide and receive feedback when it happens," said Dr. Vijay Jog, President and CEO of CRG. "tag gives emPerform users the best of both worlds - a powerful talent management platform for quarterly/annual performance discussions augmented by year-round feedback capabilities. We are pleased to add tag to the list of performance management features already included in emPerform."

Since 2004, emPerform has been active in the HR technology and talent management solution market space. Its all-inclusive offering, ease-of-use, multi-lingual capabilities and value-focused pricing model has allowed the product to expand globally into a variety of industries seeking to automate and improve employee performance management. tag is part of emPerform's latest release - version 4.3, which also includes added elements to emPerform's compensation management tool and improved administrative functionality. tag is free to all emPerform customers.

About emPerform tag emPerform tag™ is a revolutionary performance management tool that enables ongoing feedback to be captured and accessed when assessing employee performance. emPerform tag is integrated within emPerform's online talent management suite and is free to all of its customers. To learn more about emPerform tag,visit

OTTAWA, ON - June 12th 2012: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, announced today the availability of version 4.3 of emPerform, CRG's online talent management solution.

Since 2004, emPerform'sall - inclusive offering, ease-of-use, multi-lingual capabilities, and value-focused pricing model has allowed the product to expand globally into a variety of industries seeking to automate and streamline employee performance management processes; including appraisals, goal management, succession, pay-for-performance, reporting, and peer reviews.

Version 4.3 is emPerform's latest release and includes significant enhancements to emPerform's industry-leading offering; including updates to emPerform's Compensation Manager tool and administrative capabilities, as well as new functionality for capturing and sharing organisation-wide performance feedback, emPerform tag™.

The result of a 10 month revision process that included feedback and suggestions from the talent management community, emPerform customers, and CRG Solutions Experts, emPerform 4.3 contains several important enhancements:

  • Compa-ratio calculation and recommendation matrix.
  • Mandatory options for elements within performance appraisals.
  • Enhanced manager assistance tools.
  • Unveiling of emPerform tag - real-time performance feedback functionality.

Of the enhancements present in 4.3, emPerform's unique tag offering stands out the most. "We are excited to offer tag as part of the 4.3 release," said Dr. Vijay Jog, President and CEO of CRG. "Today's workforce is looking to use social and accessible tools to facilitate documenting, acknowledging, and assessing employee performance.emPerform tag addresses this need by integrating ongoing feedback directly into performance reviews and talent management processes."

Version 4.3 is currently available for upgrade to all emPerform customers.

Join CRG emPerform and expert panelists Marnie Green, William Tincup, and Elisabeth Lecavalier for a complimentary webinar June 13th on how to tackle the F-Word: Feedback.

In this webinar, panelists Marnie Green (Management Education Group), William Tincup (Tincup & Co.), and Elisabeth Lecavalier (Forensic Technology) will weigh in on the overlooked importance of effective performance feedback and will offer best-practice approaches and practical concepts you can use to exploit the F-Word in your organisation.

A big part of managing employee performance is giving effective performance feedback. The trouble with the traditional performance appraisal process is that feedback comes too late, from too few sources, rarely or often not at all. Once-a-year feedback isn't enough to properly develop and recognize employees and engage them to excel in their role.

Making the most of ongoing performance feedback requires a clear understanding of why feedback is essential, why it is often mishandled, what opportunities exist and how you can use fresh & modern approaches to bring a tired performance-management process back to life and unleash the power of the F-Word.

During this webinar, the panel of experts will provide leading-edge insight into:

Date: Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
Time: 11AM – 12PM EDT

Click here to watch the webinar

*Registration for this webinar is on the website. If you are already a member of, please login to register for the webcast. If you are not a member of, you will need to sign up for a FREE membership before registering.

emPerform is no stranger to online events. They continue to host successful live webinars through organisations such as, IHRIM, and, includingtheir most recent webinar, The Secrets of Personality Testing. Past webinars have been archived and are available for download on the website.

Join Business Psychologist, Bert Goos, and leading performance management software provider, CRG emPerform, to learn the secrets behind understanding employee personalities to attract and retain the right people.

OTTAWA, ON – March 26, 2012: CRG emPerform, a leading provider of online performance management software is teaming up with the Human Capital Institute (, and Bert Goos, Business Psychologist and CEO of Online Talent Manager, to deliver an insightful, and engaging complimentary webinar Wednesday, March 28th on The Secrets Behind Personality Testing. In this webinar, Goos will draw from his 25+ years as an organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach to share his secrets behind understanding personalities in the workplace and how companies can leverage it to attract and retain the right people.

Whether you are an HR leader, manager, coach, trainer, or company owner, this webinar will provide important insights to consider when trying to find, develop, and keep the best possible talent.During this informative presentation, participants will learn the basics behind personality assessments and how an understanding of employee personalities can lead to better hiring decisions, increased engagement, better performance and communication, and overall workplace satisfaction.

  • The three personality tests that determine what roles, company structure, and goals best fit your employees.
  • How understanding personalities can help managers choose the right development plans for employees and can help companies improve the effectiveness of competency training for their employees.
  • How the unique working landscape of the Netherlands has opened the door for using personality testing to hire the right leaders. Why is personality testing used so much, and so successfully, in this environment and how can the lessons learned there be applied to helping your organisation today?

Watch the webinar here

OTTAWA, ON - March 13, 2012: Propulsys Inc., a leading manufacturer of hydraulic drive products, has selected CRG emPerform™ to globalize its performance management processes and build an effective succession planning strategy. Based out of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Propulsys Inc. relies on its global team of over 500 employees to deliver world-class products and customer service. Propulsys plans to use emPerform to ensure that company-wide performance expectations are consistently aligned with corporate objectives, and that succession gaps can be identified and addressed in an efficient manner.

"Succession planning and setting performance goals are critical processes that challenge a manufacturing company every day," said Larry Dean, Global Director of Human Resources for Propulsys. "Using accurate performance data as a basis for succession forecasting and decision making is critical to our success and will save countless dollars in future training and development."

Prior to selecting emPerform, Propulsys relied on a manual form-based appraisal system for evaluating employee performance. The overall process was not effective for a global workforce and the standardization of performance evaluations was impossible. "Clearly our processes had to be automated," continued Larry. "We looked very hard at four different software vendors and selected emPerform for the fact that succession planning capabilities were built into the software versus having to buy constant upgrades or additional modules. Getting an all-in-one solution was a big cost-saver for our company".

"Using emPerform, our employees will have a simple and consistent evaluation process and a better understanding of how their performance contributes to company goals," said Larry. "We have several business units and emPerform provides real-time visibility into the performance health at every level within the organisation".

When asked about the implementation process, Larry commented, "Implementing emPerform was made much easier due to experience and diligence of the emPerform support team.They were very patient in helping us re-do and define a very critical process [talent management and succession]. User adoption was as expected - some employees resisted a different process but after they used the system, they have been receptive and even complimented the ease-of-use and accessibility".

CRG emPerform comes standard with the nine-box talent matrix for succession planning. Performance metrics and potential data from appraisals, self-assessments, 360 reviews and surveys are automatically fed into emPerform's Succession Manager and gives managers and HR a snapshot of the performance health of their organisation. Employees ready for advancement can be easily identified and employees in need of development can be addressed. Results from the Succession Manager can be monitored in real-time or exported for decision making. Succession Manager comes standard with emPerform. Customers are not charged extra for this powerful functionality.

About Propulsys Inc.

Founded as White Hydraulics, Inc. in 1977 by Harvey and Hollis White, Jr. and now in its second generation of family ownership, Propulsys has become a leading manufacturer of hydraulic drive products - low-speed high-torque motors, orbital steering, axial piston pumps, brakes, and accessories. With wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in Hopkinsville, KY, and Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, as well as sales and distribution offices in the US, China, and Europe, over 520 Propulsys employees serve customers around the world. In addition to the core hydraulic drive business, the Propulsys companies also include White Drive Products, Inc., K Products, Inc., White Staffing Management, Inc. and a joint-venture, Peerless Manufacturing (Zhenjiang) Co. Ltd.

OTTAWA, ON - February 14, 2012: Sky Lakes Medical Center has selected CRG emPerform™ to simplify employee appraisals and automate their pay-for-performance processes. Sky Lakes Medical Center is a community-owned internationally accredited healthcare organisation based in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and is well known for its patient-centric culture. Using emPerform, Sky Lakes plans to properly identify and reward employee performance to reinforce this commitment to patient care.

Prior to implementing emPerform, Sky Lakes relied on a paper-based employee evaluation system. "We had many limitations using a paper-based system," said Alan Caldwell, Director of Human Resources for Sky Lakes Medical Center. "Sending paper copies, manually compiling scores, retrieving evaluations and ranking employees was complicated, time-consuming, and unreliable. We needed a streamlined electronic method of conducting evaluations that would help us to accurately rank our employees and properly reward high performers."

Sky Lakes Medical Center got a glimpse of emPerform's software solution at the 2011 ASHHRA Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The medical center's delegation evaluated four other vendors and selected emPerform over the rest for its easeofuse, value, and ability to close the gap between employee performance and compensation. "The initial reaction to emPerform has been very good," said Alan. "Employees appreciate a fast and simple evaluation process and managers and HR will benefit from having more control over performance data."

CRG emPerform comes standard with compensation management functionality that automates pay-for-performance decisions. Performance data from emPerform's online appraisal forms can be used for succession planning, goal setting, and for fostering a high-performing talentbase by properly recognizing and rewarding employee performance. Compensation management functionality is included with emPerform's online software suite at no additional cost to the user.

About Sky Lakes Medical Center

Sky Lakes Medical Center is a community-owned, internationally accredited healthcare organisation. The medical center is licensed for 176 beds and provides people in the communities it serves with a variety of services including fully digital diagnostic imaging, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services, ADA-accredited diabetes educational services, on-site pharmacy, lab and pathology services, an emergency department staffed with board-certified physicians, and a robust community health outreach program. Besides the acute-care hospital, the corporate family includes a world-class cancer treatment center and Cascades East Family Medicine, a nationally known residency program.

Ottawa, ON – December 12, 2011: CRG emPerform, a leading provider of online talent management software, is offering safe-landing for companies who are re-evaluating their current talent management software solution. This plan will greatly benefit those customers who are:

  • weary about planned acquisitions of their current vendor (e.g. recent acquisition of Success factors by SAP);
  • tired of paying relatively high licensing fees for non-useful and rarely used bells and whistles;
  • simply dissatisfied with services and functionalities being provided

"For years, we have been helping companies switch successfully to emPerform's easy-to-use and significantly more cost effective platform," said Dr. Vijay Jog, President and CEO of CRG. "Our dedication to value and personal customer service has always resonated with companies looking for a better solution – especially for mid-market companies who need powerful functionality and reliable, personal support that their existing vendors fall short on providing."

Transitioning from an existing platform to emPerform is easy – both from an administrative and financial perspective and to make the switch as easy as possible, emPerform is offering a Safe-Landing Guarantee. This program is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transition of core talent management functions while offering a market leading feature/price ratio. The program promises an instant Return on Investment for customers: software license and hosting fees are guaranteed to be reduced both now and over the long-term versus their current provider. This is a comforting promise for companies looking to hedge any perceived uncertainty or future risks they feel they might experience with their current solutions vendor.

"CRG has over 20 years of software experience under its belt," explains Dr. Jog. "This experience allows us to offer a world-class solution at a value-to-price ratio that is unparalleled and guaranteed."

"emPerform is an ideal alternative for organisations looking to redesign their employee performance management processes, including re-focusing their software requirements," said Kevin Lennie, Senior Sales Manager for emPerform. "This is a great opportunity for companies to redefine and refine where and how HR dollars are being spent."

Unlike other vendors, emPerform's all-inclusive solution means that customers do not pay a cent more for additional modules. emPerform is also known for repeatedly using customer feedback as the main factor when prioritizing product upgrades and releases.

organisations looking to learn more about emPerform's Safe-Landing Guarantee can contact emPerform at, call 1-800-576-6215, or register for a live demo.

LIMA, OH – September 29, 2011: Four industry-leading HR technology vendors have joined forces to satisfy the growing demand for powerful, affordable, and complete HR software as a service (SaaS) solutions. HR in the Cloud™ combines the best-of-breed software of myStaffingPro, BambooHR, CRG emPerform, and Strategia Ed.

Capitalizing on the success of their individual solutions, the four companies have collaborated to create HR in the Cloud, a groundbreaking collaboration of unified SaaS solutions that integrates applicant tracking, human resource information system (HRIS), performance management, and learning and compliance management. Together the products will provide a streamlined process from recruitment through the entire employee life cycle. This groundbreaking venture stemmed from the need for affordable HR software that can deliver rich functionality and proven results as opposed to thinner offerings that lack specialization.

Today's business landscape is more fierce and competitive than ever. In order to survive and thrive, companies of all sizes must find cost-effective ways to manage and optimize business processes. SaaS solutions are an attractive option as they allow even the smallest of companies to implement crucial technologies. SaaS solutions offer speedy deployment, affordability, controlled risk, reduced I.T. burden, flexibility and most importantly, accessibility. Employees are often the largest organisational expense. HR in the Cloud's Unified SaaS solutions allow organisations to optimize this investment.

The life cycle begins with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system. myStaffingPro provides the technology to recruit, qualify, track and hire applicants.

"HR in the Cloud joins myStaffingPro with the best-in-class HRIS, performance management, and learning and compliance management systems. The partnership joins four of the strongest solution specialists into a unified talent management suite," stated CEO at myStaffingPro Bob Schulte.

Once hired, the employee data is exported into the HRIS system, BambooHR. BambooHR features employee data management, as well as PTO, benefit, and training tracking.

"HR in the Cloud addresses HR needs throughout the employee life cycle. Bamboo HR's superior service, security, and flexibility is now enhanced through its relationship with myStaffingPro, emPerfom, and Strategia which shares these high standards," added BambooHR CEO Ben Peterson.

The final phase, aligning and developing employees, is accomplished with emPerform's robust employee performance management suite and Strategia's learning and compliance management system. emPerform comes standard with vital performance management tools such as automated appraisals, succession planning, compensation management, goal alignment, 360 multi-rater reviews, and reporting functionality. Strategia offers the Ed Learning System™ which provides a global platform to plan, deliver, track and manage an organisation's formal and informal learning activities, compliance, competencies and certification programs as well as to create and deliver content through one or multiple portals including eCommerce gateways.

HR in the Cloud provides a complete end-to-end recruiting and talent management platform to enable businesses to effectively attract, recruit, align, reward, train, and retain top talent. To learn more about HR in the Cloud, please visit

HR in the Cloud will debut their offering to more than 4,000 H.R. professionals at the 2011 HR Technology Conference October 3-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About HR in the Cloud

HR in the Cloud is a groundbreaking collaboration of unified H.R. SaaS solutions. HR in the Cloud integrates the applicant tracking technology of myStaffingPro, the human resource information system (HRIS) technology of BambooHR, the performance management technology of CRG emPerform, and the learning and compliance management technology of Strategia. Together the products provide a streamlined process from recruitment through the entire employee life cycle.

For more information, visit:

Ottawa, ON – August 30, 2011: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, announced today that JK Moving Services, a global relocation services provider and the third largest independent mover in the U.S., has selected CRG emPerform to automate employee performance management.

emPerform is CRG's all-inclusive talent management solution that automates core talent management processes including; employee appraisals, goal management, succession planning, and pay-for-performance initiatives. JK Moving will use emPerform to streamline and sync employee evaluations, credentials tracking, and career planning for over 500 employees spread across the United States.

The decision to choose emPerform came after evaluating several other vendors. "The demo made the decision for me", said Andrea Bunch, Vice President of JK Moving Services. "The ease-of-use and ability to replicate and enhance what we're now doing manually was particularly appealing".

JK Moving was looking for an online solution that was flexible enough to incorporate their current standards and processes and powerful enough to enhance employee development and engagement. "Both managers and employees need the right tools to make responsible decisions about performance, talent management, and progression ladders" explained Bunch. "Employees want to be empowered to do more within their career and this product will enable us to establish the benchmarks and progressions we need".

"We are thrilled to welcome JK Moving Services as an emPerform customer", said Kevin Lennie, Senior Sales Manager for emPerform. "One of the challenges facing companies with a geographically dispersed workforce is the ability to standardize evaluations and make the process convenient, easy-to-use, and accessible to end-users. By automating JK's processes, emPerform will enable the accessibility and standardization needed for employee development and business decision making".

JK Moving Services will implement the newest version of emPerform – version 4.0. This version was recently made available and includes customer-driven enhancements and upgrades, including a re-designed user interface.

About JK Moving Services

For over 30 years, JK Moving Services ( has provided local, long distance, and international relocation services to a variety of commercial, residential, and government clients. Headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, the company maintains a full-time, professionally trained staff of relocation and move management experts committed to providing the highest level of customer care. For more information, visit:

Ottawa, ON – August 23, 2011 - Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, announced today that it has partnered with Management Education Group Inc., an Arizona-based consulting firm that provides valuable step-by-step programs and facilitation services for public sector leaders. The alliance between the two firms stemmed from the successful execution of joint industry webinars, including ‘Conducting Painless Performance Evaluations' which was broadcasted via in June of 2011 and attracted over 1,000 HR professionals.

Feedback from webinar attendees and from customers made it clear that aligning both offerings would significantly increase value for existing and future customers. By leveraging individual credibility and presence in the market space, emPerform and the Management Education Group can offer HR professionals and leaders everywhere the ability to learn AND apply best-practices.

This partnership gives customers and contacts direct access to two proven and trusted industry solutions. emPerform's all-inclusive talent management software offers practical applications that the Management Education Group teaches to leaders; such as automated appraisals, goal alignment, succession planning, and compensation management. emPerform customers benefit from having priority access to Management Education Group's offerings, including a direct connection to principal consultant, Marnie Green - HR leader, speaker, and award-winning author.

"Marnie Green and the Management Education Group were an ideal fit for emPerform" said Doug Hum, Director of Marketing and Partner Relations for CRG. "Marnie is a dynamic and personable speaker whose anecdotal teaching style and experience-driven industry perspective offers audiences the chance to effortlessly grasp and apply proven leadership and management techniques. We feel it is important to align ourselves with HR thought-leaders and organisations offering complementary services and offerings – like Marnie Green and the Management Education Group. We are thrilled to offer our client base the ability to access trusted professionals who can effectively teach the applications that emPerform executes".

"I chose to align my work with CRG emPerform because they offer an integrated talent management system that allows my clients to implement the best practices that I teach" said Marnie Green, Principal Consultant and owner of Management Education Group. "In particular, emPerform's goal alignment feature allows individual employee goals to be directly linked to organisational strategy. Working with emPerform enhances my ability to provide a comprehensive performance management solution to my clients."

emPerform and Management Education Group are planning another Webinar on August 30th as part of's IHR Virtual Conference. The Webinar is entitled ‘Using SMAART Goals to Painlessly Manage Employee Performance' and registration for this online event is free on the website. Previously recorded webinars are also available on the emPerform website:

About Management Education Group

The Management Education Group, Inc., is an Arizona-based provider of consulting, training, and facilitation services that develop high-performing public sector leaders. Government agencies, special districts, and educational institutions rely on the Management Education Group, Inc. to provide innovative leadership strategies that support their leaders. For more information visit

Marnie Green, Management Education Group Inc. Principal Consultant, is the author of Painless Performance Evaluations: A Practical Approach to Managing Day-to-Day Employee Performance, published by Pearson/Prentice Hall. The book has been honored with a Glyph Award for Best Business/Career Book and was a finalist in the management category of the Best Books USA Awards.

Ottawa, ON – August 16, 2011: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, announced today the availability of version 4.0 of emPerform, CRG's all- inclusive performance and talent management solution. Version 4.0 is the latest release and includes significant enhancements; including a completely re-designed user interface, multi-user administration capabilities, and substantial improvements to compensation management functionality.

emPerform 4.0 was first debuted to crowds of excited customers and expo visitors in June 2011 at the Annual SHRM Conference in Las Vegas. "After the feedback we received at SHRM, we couldn't wait for the commercial availability of version 4.0" said John Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions at CRG.

"This is our most exciting release to date", said Vijay Jog, President and CEO of CRG. "We used customer feedback and thorough product analysis to further enhance our offerings in order to empower managers and HR professionals to become performance management experts. Also, the new user interface is aimed at transforming the end-user experience and making the system even easier to use".

This release further solidifies emPerform's commitment to delivering simple and effective employee performance management technology to organisations seeking to properly align, develop, reward, and retain their top performers.

"Enhancements present in 4.0 were driven by customer feedback and user requests", said Trish Mermuys, Head of Support and Implementations for emPerform. "Making emPerform as simple and as user friendly as possible for customers is our highest priority and will continue to be a key factor in prioritizing product development initiatives".

"It is really excellent to see changes implemented into the product based on the feedback that we provide", said Denise Shower, emPerform customer and HR Generalist for Community Health Partnership. "emPerform is great at listening and responding to our needs and this release clearly demonstrates that".

Since 2004, emPerform has been a fierce competitor in the HR technology and talent management solution market space. Its all-inclusive offering, ease-of-use, multi-lingual capabilities and value-focused pricing model has allowed the product to expand globally into a variety of industries seeking to automate and improve employee performance management.

OTTAWA, ON – June 22, 2011: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, announced today that attendees at this year's SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas will get a first-hand look at the 4.0 release of emPerform, CRG's all- inclusive performance and talent management solution.

Over 14,000 professionals will be in in Las Vegas June 26-29 for this year's SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition - the world's largest exposition dedicated to the advancement of the H.R. profession. CRG emPerform will be in Booth #1354 and plans to make a splash at the event by debuting its major 4.0 release which is slated for commercial availability in late July 2011.

emPerform 4.0 contains significant enhancements such as a new, easier to navigate user interface, and improved functionality such as multi-user administration, and compensation management roll-up. The enhancements are aimed at transforming the user experience by making the solution as easy-to-use as possible for administrators and employees.

"We are very excited about the upcoming release of emPerform 4.0 and are even more thrilled that we will be able to give SHRM attendees a preview," said John Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions at CRG. "We look forward to SHRM every year. The event does a fabulous job of bringing together insightful minds and technological leaders in the HR industry and we are glad to be a part of it".

CRG emPerform will be providing attendees with personalized demos of emPerform 4.0 and plans to conduct in-booth presentations offering best-practice talent management advice. For more information, click here.

To learn more about SHRM 2011, visit:

OTTAWA, ON – May 16, 2011: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, announced today that it has joined forces with Strategia, another Canadian software vendor and leading learning management system (LMS) solution provider. This partnership will leverage and enhance the industry-leading capabilities of the employee performance management (EPM) software solution of CRG emPerform™, and the learning and compliance solution of Strategia's Ed Learning System™. This alliance will provide integrated talent and learning management platforms for effectively aligning and developing employees.

As industry regulations and the economy continue to shift, organisations are seeking to maximize the return on their biggest investment – their talent and knowledge base. This partnership will enable companies to take advantage of two powerful and proven solutions in order to optimize their employees' performance and development.

emPerform comes standard with vital performance management tools such as automated appraisals, succession planning,compensation management, goal alignment, 360 multi-rater reviews, and reporting functionality. The Ed Learning System™ provides a global platform to plan, deliver, track and manage an organisation's learning activities, compliance, competencies and certification programs as well as to create and deliver content through one or multiple portals including eCommerce gateways.

"We are very excited to partner with CRG", said Romain Gagnon, President and CEO for Strategia. "This partnership was a great fit from the beginning. Our technologies complement one another perfectly, we share the same dedication to unfailing customer service, both of our technologies boast industry-leading reporting functionality, and we share a similar competitive pricing structure. These compatibilities will result in better offerings for customers both now and in the future".

"This partnership brings two best in-class solutions together. We are thrilled to be able to offer Strategia's LMS to accompany the functionality already present in emPerform", said Dr. Vijay Jog, President of CRG. "We were looking for an LMS partner who shared the same core values and customer centric culture as we did and Strategia is clearly the best fit. This partnership will allow both companies to focus on what they do best while also providing customers with proven and powerful complementary technology to drive higher employee performance".

The CRG and Strategia partnership will result in a seamless integration and syncing process between both systems. Customers will be able to access information from within their current instance and sync data back and forth. The result will be an uninterrupted flow for initiating, delivering and tracking employee learning, development, and performance initiatives.

About Strategia

Strategia offers web-based solutions to develop human capital and help improve its quality and productivity. Ed™, its flagship product, is a complete and unified suite of tools that enables organisations of all sizes deliver, track and manage learning and compliance/certifications programs and create and manage learning content, assessments and surveys. Clients from various industries such as Bombardier, United Auto Parts (UAP), Allscripts, Gaz Metro and CAE Health appreciate Ed for its rapid implementation, ease of use and integration and high configurability. From year to year, Ed is selected by Brandon-Hall Research for its report on Low-Cost LMS. Ed has also received awards for best reporting and compliance management. Please visit us at

OTTAWA, ON – May 4, 2011: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, is pleased to announce that a key partnership has been forged between CRG emPerform™, its automated employee performance management suite, and myStaffingPro, a full-featured SaaS applicant tracking system. The alliance will leverage CRG emPerform's easy-to-use and automated talent management software and myStaffingPro's best-in-class recruiting technology.

Working together, emPerform and myStaffingPro will be able to provide a complete end-to-end recruiting and talent management platform to enable businesses to effectively attract, recruit, align, reward, and retain top talent. As a result, clients can realize reduced costs associated with recruiting and managing employee performance.

"We are honored to be a partner of Corporate Renaissance Group and to connect the best-in-class technologies of myStaffingPro and emPerform", said Robert Schulte, President of myStaffingPro. "emPerform provides an excellent performance management system, and we are proud to align myStaffingPro with them".

The demand for integrated and automated performance management and recruiting technology is rising rapidly as organisations realize the value in building and maintaining a pool of effective talent. The partnership between emPerform and myStaffingPro stands to fortify both offerings and provide customers with powerful and trusted solutions for optimizing their recruiting and talent management processes.

"We are very excited about this endeavor with myStaffingPro", said Dr.Vijay Jog, President of CRG. "Both CRG and myStaffingPro have been aligned for years. We have no doubt that this formal partnership along with our combined reputations and expertise will result in a better offering for our customers and for the industry's growing need for proven technologies".

About myStaffingPro

myStaffingPro, a full-featured SaaS applicant tracking system, provides HR professionals with the tools they need to recruit, qualify, track, and hire the best applicants. The scalable myStaffingPro system can be configured to any hiring process or budget. myStaffingPro currently delivers the hiring process for more than 450 companies and has processed more than 20 million applications. To learn more about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, visit

OTTAWA, ON – April 18, 2011: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, is pleased to announce that Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH), California's largest Public Health System, has selected CRG emPerform™ as their employee performance management solution. After evaluating more than 50 vendors, PPH will rely on emPerform to reduce administrative costs, streamline employee development initiatives and improve evaluation consistency, competency creation, and organisational goal cascading.

PPH has been committed to industry-leading patient care for more than 60 years and has received recognition for their dedication to quality. PPH was the First Public Health District in California to Achieve Magnet® Recognition, was voted one of the ‘Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare', and received the Premier Award for Quality in 2008.

"PPH employees are at the front line of patient care", said Mike Shea, Director of Compensation and Benefits, for PPH. "Proper and effective management and development of staff is what reinforces our commitment to quality. Implementing the latest in performance management technology will not only reduce the time and money spent on administrative tasks, it will also automate and streamline our entire talent management process - ensuring that our front line is developed and retained".

CRG emPerform will move performance management at PPH from a roughly 95% manual process to a nearly 100% automated process - greatly reducing the administrative burdens related to performance management and ensuring that performance appraisal forms remain consistent and updated. PPH's past problems related to supervisors using old or outdated forms will be eliminated as correct evaluations can be automatically updated and assigned to each employee based on their department and position.

"The landscape of the Health Care industry has and will continue to change", said Dr.Vijay Jog, President of CRG. "We are delighted that PPH has chosen emPerform as a powerful yet cost-effective solution for improving their employee performance management processes. In addition, the ability to effortlessly generate competency compliance reports that satisfy accreditation body requirements is an integrated feature of emPerform and is vital for PPH and other Health Care organisations to stay accredited and competitive in the industry".

PPH will use emPerform to conduct employee appraisals and initiate development planning for more than 4,000 employees across five of its facilities with plans to extend emPerform into the newest facility opening in 2012.

About Palomar Pomerado Health

Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH), California's largest public health system is North County's most comprehensive health-care delivery system, and is the only Magnet® recognized public health system in the state. It is nationally recognized for clinical excellence in cardiac care, women's services, cancer, orthopedics, trauma, rehabilitation and behavioral health services. Facilities include Palomar Medical Center, Pomerado Hospital, Villa Pomerado, Palomar Continuing Care Center, the Jean McLaughlin Women's Center, Escondido Surgery Center, PPH expresscare health centers, and soon, Palomar Medical Center West -- Hospital of the Future, which will open in 2012. Please visit .

OTTAWA, ON – April 6, 2011: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a global provider of innovative solutions that improve business performance and increase effectiveness, is pleased to announce that MRIS and its subsidiary, RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI), have selected CRG emPerform™ as their employee performance management solution. MRIS, the leading developer of real estate technology and information as well as the largest multiple listing service (MLS) in the United States, and RBI will use emPerform to automate employee appraisals and to improve employee goal setting for more than 120 of their employees located in the greater Washington, DC – Baltimore, MD region.

MRIS and RBI were looking for an online performance management solution to better align employee performance to company strategic goals, significantly reduce the time spent on employee appraisals, eliminate their manual paper process, and integrate seamlessly into their current workflows.

A key factor in MRIS and RBI's decision to choose emPerform over other vendors was its remote hosting ability. "In addition to its ease-of-use, we selected CRG emPerform for their hosted solution which blended perfectly into our Software as a Service (SaaS) business model," said Jonathan Hill, President of RBI. "We were looking for a flexible product that could be deployed online with minimal effort from our internal hardware and IT resources."

"Because every organisation is completely different, CRG emPerform has always offered the flexibility of deploying on-premise or hosted with the ability to switch between the two at any point as they expand or shift", said John Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions at CRG. "We are pleased that emPerform is able to offer MRIS and RBI the ability to overcome their performance and talent management challenges and adhere to their SaaS business model."

About MRIS

MRIS is Real Estate in Real Time™, enabling its customers to list and sell nearly $100 million in real estate each day and nearly $100 billion in listings and closed sales in 2010. A leading developer of real estate information technology, MRIS connects its customers with timely, accurate and actionable data with a growing portfolio of technology solutions, including broker and agent software products and an industry-leading consumer portal, MRIS serves nearly 45,000 real estate professionals spanning a 22,000 square mile section of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and portions of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Visit us at, "Like" us on, and follow us on Twitter, @MRIS_REal_News.

About RealEstate Business Intelligence, LLC (RBI)

RealEstate Business Intelligence, LLC (RBI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of MRIS. RBI is a primary source of real estate data, analytics and business intelligence for real estate professionals with business interests in the Mid-Atlantic region. RBI also makes its statistical products and services available to other MLS markets throughout the US. Visit us at, "Like" us on, and follow us on Twitter, @RBIntel.

OTTAWA, ON — January 5th, 2011: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG) today announced that The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) selected CRG emPerform™ as their talent management solution. DAV will use emPerform to conduct appraisals to more than 600 employees at 2 corporate offices and 88 field offices located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

CRG emPerform was selected over other vendors based on its robust, flexible solution and services team that fit the strategic plan of DAV. "We needed a strategic partner that understood our mission and could support our strategic plan", said Arthur H. Wilson, DAV National Adjutant/CEO. "A couple of demands facing many organisations today are (1) efficiency of operations and (2) security of information technology (IT) services and CRG emPerform delivers on both."

Since its founding 90 years ago, the DAV has been dedicated to a single purpose: building better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families. Whether disabled veterans have needed a voice on Capitol Hill, a nationwide service program, transportation network or unique rehabilitation opportunities, DAV has focused its attention and resources to meet those needs.

"A key element for our implementation of the CRG emPerform solution is its remote hosting and seamless alignment to our strategic goals of best technology and business practices along with the expanded recognition programs to acknowledge the efforts and leadership of exemplary service officers and staff", said Barry A. Jesinoski, Director of Human Resources, DAV. "We will be saving time and money by making the appraisal process more efficient, eliminating moving paper around the country and allowing all parties to access the secure system electronically from virtually anywhere the internet is available."

About Disabled American Veterans

The 1.2 million-member Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a non-profit 501(c)(4) charity dedicated to building better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families. The DAV was founded in 1920 by disabled veterans returning from World War I to represent their unique interests. In 1932, the DAV was congressionally chartered as the official voice of the nation's wartime disabled veterans. .

OTTAWA, ON - December 13, 2010: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG) announced today that Forensic Technology, a leader in ballistic and firearms identification technology, has selected CRG emPerform™ as their employee performance management solution.

Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistics identification more than twenty years ago and has since relied on its global team of over 200 experienced engineering, forensic, and law enforcement professionals to promote a safer society through their solutions technology. The need to efficiently and effectively monitor, assess, and streamline their talent management process is vital to ensuring that their human resources are properly developed and retained.

"We selected emPerform for its excellent reputation, great value, and powerful functionality", said Joanna Quart, Manager of Business Support for Forensic Technology. "The reporting functionality, multi-lingual capabilities, and direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP were especially appealing and will allow us to improve our processes a great deal."

The adoption of emPerform by the forensics market demonstrates the growing need for this technology in a broad spectrum of industries.

"CRG emPerform is a great fit for Forensic Technology", said Dr. Vijay Jog, President of CRG, "emPerform provides a powerful, simple and cost-effective way to monitor an expanding global workforce. By significantly reducing the time and effort needed to deploy and administer a talent management system, emPerform will allow them to focus more on their core technology offerings."

About Forensic Technology

Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistics identification more than twenty years ago and continues to be a leader in ballistics and firearms identification technologies that promote a safer society. We partner with hundreds of public safety agencies in nearly 60 countries, providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions. With vast experience in scalable-networked solutions, Forensic Technology employs a dedicated team of engineering, forensic, and law enforcement professionals around the world. For more information about Forensic Technology please visit:

OTTAWA, ON - October 25, 2010: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG) today announced that DALSA selected CRG emPerform as their performance and talent management solution.DALSA is an international leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors with a diverse workforce. They required a straight forward and easy to use solution to engage their global employee base with multi-lingual capabilities.

"CRG emPerform provides us with a great deal of flexibility in designing our forms along with out of the box workflow integration", said Frank Nemeth, Director of Human Resources, DALSA. "The solution is cost effective. We see real benefits for employees, their managers and HR."

DALSA employees are critical to their success, especially during the turbulent global environment. CRG emPerform will enable DALSA to continue to align, develop, reward and retain their employees.

"CRG emPerform is designed as a single product that provides a broad range of features our customers", said Dr. Vijay Jog, President, CRG. "The solution is extremely rich and powerful where it can be configured to meet the demands of all organisations.The addition of DALSA to our growing list of clients is a testament to our continuing product evolution of offering a robust yet simple to use performance management solution."


DALSA (TSX: DSA) is an international leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors with approximately 1000 employees worldwide, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1980, the company designs, develops, manufactures and markets digital imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing semiconductor products and services. For more information, visit

OTTAWA, ON - June 30, 2009: Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), developer of the CRG emPerform talent management solution, today announced the availability of Compensation Planning with the release of emPerform 3.9.

Compensation Planning is the latest major feature to be added to emPerform. Compensation Planning is integrated directly into emPerform and is available at no additional cost.

Compensation Planning automates compensation decisions by providing a structured and consistent process. Salary and variable compensation can be correlated against any emPerform-based performance score; such as appraisals, 360 multi-rater reviews or survey results. The business process is easily mapped using the robust emPerform workflow engine.

"Compensation Planning allows human resources and managers to financially reward employees based on any number of pre-determined criteria. With emPerform we offer an all-inclusive talent management solution with the tightest integration of features possible and an unbeatable value proposition. emPerform is the complete solution; there is no need to ever purchase additional modules," said John Smith, emPerform Product Manager.

emPerform is an easy-to-use, all-inclusive talent management solution. It automates the employee performance management system, providing users with on-line appraisals, goal management, competency assessment, succession planning, employee surveys, 360 multi-rater reviews, succession management, off-line working capabilities, HRIS and Microsoft Outlook integration, and reporting.

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