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emPerform tag™ makes it easy to create a culture of instant feedback & ongoing performance coaching

Send feedback and create performance journals year-round

Engage managers & employees in ongoing coaching

Recognize employee milestones throughout the review cycle

Collect feedback from multiple sources in real-time

Get better, more accurate performance ratings

Submit & receive valuable feedback from anywhere

Journal Notes can be tagged

Journal notes can be tagged to employees – allowing for easy sorting and access inside performance appraisals.

tag is accessible on mobile devices

tag is accessible on mobile devices for easy access to feedback and notes from anywhere.

Configure tag to suite your culture

Configure tag to suite your culture – you decide the level of usage and security you want.

Feedback can be sent to peers or direct reports

Feedback can be sent to peers or direct reports.

Email notifications

Email notifications ensure employees receive timely feedback.

emPerform tag

Ongoing Performance Management Made-Easy with emPerform tag

emPerform tag

tag is changing how modern organisations approach performance management. Instead of once-a-year, employees can receive and share feedback year-round across any team, location or department.

emPerform eSurvey™ includes an extensive library of categorized questions and rating scales to help you to create & execute meaningful employee surveys.

Collect Ongoing Feedback

Collect Ongoing Feedback from Multiple Sources

emPerform tag provides an instant and easy-to-use platform for capturing valuable performance feedback from peers, managers or even HR – facilitating recognition across teams or departments and giving managers and HR a complete view of performance.

Get Better, More Accurate Performance Ratings

emPerform tag provides actual accounts of performance and behavior that can be accessed and pulled into performance reviews. tags help to remind users of key accomplishments and development opportunities and provide support and justification for final ratings.

tag zoomed in

Help Avoid Bias in Performance Ratings

We are only human, and with that comes a set of biases and fading memories that make it difficult to ensure accurate and fair ratings and accounts of performance.


emPerform tag helps eliminate bias and ensures all behaviors and performance notes are accessible – creating a sharp picture of how the employee has performed and progressed throughout the ENTIRE review period.


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