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emPerform offers a robust and user-friendly online talent management solution that delivers what no other vendor can: Talent Management Simplified. All of the tools needed to effectively automate and streamline employee reviews and performance management processes are included in one easy-to-use online solution for the best value guaranteed.

No matter your size or industry, emPerform's configurability, affordable pricing model, and all-inclusive suite ensures it is a great fit today and can grow to fit your needs as they change.

emPerform is trusted and used by organisations in every industry around the world to:

automate and streamline performance management processes
engage employees in ongoing performance dialogue
align, develop, reward and retain a world-class workforce

With appraisals, employee surveys, 360° multi-rater reviews, compensation management, nine-box talent matrix, social feedback and reporting all accessible from a single screen - completing in-depth evaluations has never been easier.

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What is included in emPerform?

Configurable Online Appraisals
SMART Goal Management
Integrated 360° Reviews
Easy Pay-for-Performance
Comment Writing Assistant
Competency library
Hosted or On-Premise Deployment

Ongoing Social Feedback
Quick & Easy Implementation
Nine-Box Talent Matrix
Standard & Ad-Hoc Reporting
Direct-report management
Best-practice templates
Guided Setup & Training

Status Reports & Dashboards
Email & Task Notifications
Employee Surveys
Mobile Accessibility
Multi-lingual capabilities
Integration with existing HR Systems

Benefits of emPerform – go ahead and compare!

Get appraisal completed properly and on-time! emPerform automates and streamlines the entire performance management process – saving employees and managers time and giving them the tools needed to create thoughtful and meaningful goals, development plans, self-assessments and performance reviews. emPerform comes standard with content libraries, manager assistant tools, email notifications and dashboards to drastically reduce the time spent on administrative tasks as well as ensuring consistency across the entire organisation. Learn more about emPerform's flexible performance appraisals.

Save money with one all-inclusive solution: Unlike other vendors, emPerform is not modularised. All of the tools needed for effective performance management are included with the initial purchase and ready to be implemented if and when you choose at no extra cost – you are never upsold on additional modules. Explore emPerform features.

Get the configurability you need for successful performance management: emPerform was designed from the ground up to be completely configurable to your unique needs. You choose the layouts, rating scales, vocabulary, workflows, language, and processes that suit your exact requirements.

Count on dedicated support and training: Our goal is to get your system up-and-running as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Our experienced team of Implementation specialists works with you from the beginning to design an implementation and training plan that suits your needs and timeline. Learn more about emPerform services & support.

Get the performance metrics you need for effective decision making: emPerform boasts one of the most powerful reporting & analytics tools available on the talent management solutions market. emPerform comes bundled with a library of almost 100 standard reports AND also offers ad-hoc reporting. This allows customers to see any and all data needed for effective decision making. Learn more about emPerform reporting.

Choose your deployment: emPerform offers customers the choice of deploying on-site on their own servers or allowing emPerform to host the solution for them (SaaS). Learn more about emPerform deployment options.

Integrate with your current systems: emPerform was built to make things simple. You and your company are using forms, processes, and external HRIS and/or payroll systems that work for you. You want a performance management solution that doesn't add complexity to your processes but actually reduces it and emPerform offers that and more. emPerform is able to integrate with any HRIS, Payroll, or LMS Solution - eliminating the need for any double entry and keeping things streamlined and simple. Learn more about emPerform integration options.

Get the best value- guaranteed: emPerform is hands down the best value for your talent management dollar – and we back that by our Best-Value Guarantee. We believe that success comes from delivering value to clients. Our expertise in software development has allowed us to streamline the process and pass the savings down to customers giving you a quick return on your investment. Contact us for a detailed price quote.

Learn why other companies chose emPerform.

This year, after all employees switched to emPerform, our reviews were completed on time, for the FIRST TIME EVER and consisted of the most valuable feedback we've ever received.
I would whole-heartedly, and without a moment's hesitation, recommend emPerform. Drop everything else and jump straight in. It will make your performance evaluation process elegant, streamlined, effortless… even great fun!
emPerform is a complete solution. It includes all the features and functionality that we need to complete employee evaluations today and in the future.

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